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Sunday, July 24, 2005

while i was away

Saturday : today I got to my grandmas but I didn’t get anything done as we went out to a trivia night which went till 12 so once I got home I went straight to bed.

Sunday: this morning I got well not even half of the character charts done but three of them as I was not feeling very well and still aren’t that’s why I chose to write this until my pain goes away and then maybe I can get something done and plus we aren’t doing much today so I should get most of the characters done yet tomorrow I’m not sure what I will do as I am going out but I will post.

Monday – today, grandma and I went to the cinemas at the hyperdome but man was she giving me a hard time but other than that I had a good time and went to see war of the world but I only give it a 7/10 because of the ending but the acting in it was good and then we came home and my cousin taryn came over for dinner and we watched big brother nominations and tomorrow im thinking of going to the library and getting some novels to give me different ideas for my novel so I will post for u tomorrow.

Tuesday – today I went to the local library with grandma to look for books for ideas for the novel and also go on their computers to check my email but they don’t allow email checking but tomorrow is the big day so now I am going to have a lie down.

Wednesday – todays the big day, we started our journey at 9am when my aunty came and picked us up and I had to go to centrelink first before I caught the train but I did eventually make it to the train and we caught it to roma street in Brisbane, where from there where had to catch a bus from roma street to caloundra but within an hour and a half we finally got there and the apartment managers were there to meet us. Once we were at out apartments we unpacked and went for a walk to the shops which was about a km away but it didn’t take that long, and so the rest of the day was spent just walking around looking at what caloundra had to offer.

Thursday – today grandma and I went to see the fantastic four at the cinemas and the movie was so funny I want to see it again, but before we went to the cinemas we went to kmart where I bought myself a diary and a electronic organizer and then we went to sanity where I got 3 dvd’s for under $30, then we walked back up to where the cinemas were and we had some lunch as the movie didn’t start until 11:55pm and then after the movie we went back to the apartments until 4pm when we went for a walk along the beach to see what the was but there wasn’t much only one restaurant and a little coffee stand but the good news is that we unded up walking right up to where baskin and robbins was so we decided to get one and then head home. Once we got home we watched some telly which included the harry potter at midnight show and I haven’t told anyone this but J.K Rowling inspired me to write my novel.

Friday - grandma and i decided to go and see what the rest of caloundra was like, so we got on a bus and went all the way down to maloolabah and while we we there we went into underwater world, but there wasn't that much to see since i had already seen it and it hadn't changed. after underwater world we stopped in at kawana waters shopping centre where i got some good bargains: a cordless mouse and a ps2 game both for under $50 but the one thing i forgot was a laptop bag. friday was a pretty good day but saturday would be better as i am going back to the sunny gold coast.

Saturday - we left for brisbane at 9:30 and got to the transit centre at 11:30 and got back to grandmas house about 1pm and mum came and picked me up from grandma's at 2:30. this week away has really been good for me but i didn't get much writing done as i could take my writings with me as grandma said that would be too much to carry so now i've had to wait until im home to get writing again but i will upload for u what i have semi completed.


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